What makes a great website design?

Hi this is Subham panda .Welcome to this segment of the wonderful question , and the question is that “What makes a great website design?”. We’re going to learn about that today so keep reading.

All right we’re back here as I said we have a big question what makes a great website design and I’ve broken this down into four pillars. Essentially of engagement because guess what today’s a day and age, you need to engage with your audience and it starts with CONTENT. You’ve heard it before right. Content is king , quality content. What does that really mean is that if you hear about the search engines keywords , phrases optimizing well. It is really essential. You need to think about your audience first, what they want. They engage with what can you bring to them. So the content got to be relevant. It’s got to be themed, it’s got to be fresh and yes optimized .

The second one here which is critical, absolutely critical is you need now to build a SOCIAL COMMUNITY. Social media is huge and guess what if you have great content and that too engaging the community will respond good. This right if you develop that out there you will capture more audience in the long run and the engagement will more accordingly.

The third one rather is CAPTURE LEADS. All of the above is priceless if you can’t capture leads. By the way when you do these things you create a trust rapport. By the time you get here and ask them for their name and email you can actually nurture that relationship. Send them more information , send them tips tricks insights and news updates etc. Through that so you got to capture your leads. That’s essential.

Website design process by shuvam panda

The final one right now is we all want to make money and so MONETIZATION strategies. You probably have sales programs, product services you know. Maybe you have a home study course available with you. Another one here is, it’s this word TRACKING. You got to track it to see how it works. And to make sure that you actually have web analytics, in there
and that’s really the essence for a successful website and that’s what really makes a great website.

List of important things that you must take care for a great website design:

1. Website design must be interesting, unique and responsive to all the devices.

2. Navigation on your website must be user friendly.

3. There must be a perfect mixture of graphics and content.

4. The color scheme that you use must be soothing to eyes , sync with your logo .

5. The font style and type must be planned keeping your target audience in your mind.

6. Website must load fast, because if you use intricate graphics they will add to much the loading speed which will definitely create a negative impact.

7. Avoid being too flashy designs.

8. The website header is the first place which catches immediate attention, make sure it is designed well.

9. Avoid using pop ups, which act as a source of disturbance to users.

10. No matter how impressive design you have but if its not optimized for tablets and mobiles there is no use. You should also follow a good website design process.

So hope you like this article.

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