Web development trends in 2019

What Web development trends that are coming up in 2019? Hey developers , I am Shuvam panda lets have a detailed analysis. We have seen in 2018 are leading into 2019.What do we expect to see over the next year from here so the number one trend is these push notifications. You see them all over the place it’s actually quite annoying because sometimes you end up signing up for that and like you don’t even know it .Then all of a sudden you’re getting notified. For some apps it’s like very insignificant, you used it once and you’re like why is that on there and you have to go into your chrome settings and figure out why they ended up you know putting that little piece of malware in your browser .

web development trends

The push notifications are important because a lot of websites and  mobile apps are using like progressive web apps or essentially mobile apps that act as if they are a native app for your phone so it’s important for you know push notifications to be able to work in that sense. So that actually solves that problem of having a web app being able to notify you have certain events on like your phone or your browser or desktop browser or whatever you’re on. So we’re going to continue to see the material design aspect contain a blow-up so material design is really just a new design layout.

I’m using fonts and really like two-dimensional kind of styles. it’s just very flat like type of design but it’s made for it’s a mobile first approach but it’s actually you know pretty mobile first approach that it’s supposedly a good balance between desktop and mobile. Everyone is not a huge fan of it to be honest with you but everything’s going towards this this new type of gradient based like flat design system so websites are gonna be much more capable these days because a lot of advancement is being made and and machine learning .

The next web development trend is going to be CSS animations so you’re seeing these animations pop up all over the place and actually are supported in all browsers some mobile phones have it but a lot of people are using these micro animations for little things like sending emails pop-ups notifications .it’s just something that browsers are supporting more nowadays and it’s a very efficient to do. We don’t have to use like images and and crazy stuff like that we’re just using CSS 3.0 animation. It works quite well for small animations and they call those micro animations so we’re going to continue to see a lot of creativity with typography .

We’re also going to continue to see the dominance of CSS themes using like something like SASS but bootstrap is going to continue to lead the way. A  good mention of pure dot CSS and then materialized as a project that’s out gaining a lot of traction as well. So we’re seeing a lot of CSS libraries and that’s not gonna go away anytime soon.

So the next Web development trend is going to be these video backgrounds because we’re starting to get websites and we have a lot more bandwidth these days. We can have websites that are actually giving this type of experience where there’s actually video in the background of an interactive website and it’s pretty awesome obviously ,We couldn’t do that a few years ago but with our new date you know data is streaming and things like that we do have the ability to do this although. It does kind of go against the whole mobile first you know a mobile responsive type of thing because this is not something you’d want to have to download on your your mobile network .

So the use of icons has absolutely exploded with font awesome , it is one of the most successful Kick starter projects of any software project. Again a lot of people are using typescript these days to add type sanity to JavaScript but that also brings up a good point as well so a lot of people are like well we need to have type safety and JavaScript and a lot of people think a lot of you know traditional JavaScript people are like no ,We don’t need it we’ve never needed .

So finally with all these improvements to the browser you’re going to see a lot more virtual reality and augmented reality in the browser. I don’t know if we’re gonna call this web 4.0 or what but like it’s going to definitely open up a huge amount of opportunity. I’m really curious to see what happens to web development in the long-term future like 5 years from now with web assembly and and whether or not like because I’m just curious if if there’s going to be a bunch of API .

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