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What is UX:

They are obviously two different terms people rarely know the difference between them. In this article we’ll look at the UI and UX definitions and if one of them is more important than the other. Let’s learn what is UX design why UX is not UI at all .What does a user experience designer do. UX design is about ,the user product interaction how the product behaves and how people interact with it.UX design is about content architecture and sitemap architecture.

What is UI:

What does UI design refer to the page layout colour scheme and how the website or apps elements are arranged what makes a product’s UX good. Check out these aspects product usability define for what is your app or product used define, its key functionality define the elements that you need to remove to make your product or app usable. The one thing that your users want to achieve by minimizing the number of steps to do and to get the exact result. There are several things that can improve user experience significantly .

A simple navigation clear and concise content minimizing the number of steps reduced scrolling and landscaping orientation user profiling . As you try to understand the difference between UI and UX you will discover the importance of knowing your users and their needs.

UI and UX design

Difference between UI and UX:

UX designer is concerned , who the users are and what they want to accomplish is essential profiling the target audience or the buyer persona is the best way to improve the user experience of a product because it allows you to understand why users need your product and how you can improve your products core functionality to meet that specific need form . UX design is often more concerned about function ,than color scheme layout and other elements. These matter and have their role but user experience is more about functionality consistency. Users love consistency because it reduces learning and eliminates confusion. If people who haven’t grown up with technology can use your app and like it your app probably enjoys an excellent score as far as being simple to use.

Remember that apps with too many buttons colors and a crowded interface are not user friendly. Don’t make me think the role of a UX designer is to make things easy for the user, who needs your product to achieve a goal. Don’t confuse the user, keep your copy concise and clear and avoid huge blocks of text .

What is UI design? A UX designer will tell you that UI is included in UX to a certain degree. All apps and websites have buttons UI designers focus on the color to use and the way the buttons will look. Here UX designers will focus on identifying where the buttons should be placed to reveal what users want and the resolutions to those points.

UI design is about brainstorming experiment testing and understanding users. “While something very usable that looks terrible is exemplary of great UX in poor UI”, said designer and expert Shuvam Panda.His insightful words only come to confirm that both UX and UI design are important if you want a product that excels in both categories.

Hopefully this article has helped you get a better picture of the key concepts of UX and UI design.To sum up UX design is how things function while UI design is about how things look.Look at user experience as a process and user interface as a deliverable.Make sure your app , website or product is consistent in terms of functionality and appearance simplicity.I can make it simpler Contact me.

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