Types of websites available nowadays

Similar to how different books will cover different topics, there are many different types of websites on the Internet as technology changes.It adapts new types of websites are created.

So it is hard to anticipate where the future of the worldwide web will look like. As of 2020 here are some of the most common types of websites:

Commercial websites:

Commercial websites are the most prevalent type of website everyone from small local companies to large corporations.The main differentiating factor of a commercial website is that they are trying to sell you a product or service. You can also find nonprofit organizations on the Internet. The main focus of nonprofit websites is to advocate a cause. Nonprofit organizations include everything from churches to advocacy groups. They use the internet to present information to their constituents.

Personal websites:

Personal websites are blogs however other individuals create websites to present their ideas and provide information for family members and show off their creative talents. Since the turn of the century social media websites have become one of the most popular types of websites at the present time. The most well-known social media websites include Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest. These websites provide ways for individuals to communicate with other people all over the world.

Entertainment websites:

Entertainment websites are created to provide entertainment. This includes websites that provide video streaming such as YouTube. This Also fit into this category but can also be considered as social media due to the social nature of the videos.

News website:

News websites includes websites for newspapers and televisions. Websites that combine multiple news sources together such as Google News is also part of this.

Educational website:

Colleges, public schools, libraries and museums create websites to provide information to people. These are known as educational sites. The purpose of an educational website is to provide information about an educational organization.

Some other types of websites:

1. Personal Websites
2. Photo Sharing Websites
3. Writers / Authors Websites
4. Community Building Websites
5. Mobile Device Websites
6. Blogs
7. Informational Websites
8. Online Business Brochure/Catalog
9. Directory Websites
10. E-commerce Websites


The Internet is a constantly changing medium.As part of evaluating a website, it is important to figure out what kind of site you are looking at and what its purpose is it fulfills. Even I Subham panda is a freelance software developer from bhubaneswar , also have my own blog checkout here. If you want your own website design , digital marketing , graphics design then connect me at: shuvampanda@yahoo.com

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