The story of “Invitation from radio Interview”

On the day of 11th April 2022, he was invited for Radio Interview to Air FM Rainbow with RJ Suhani. We all know one that our success has a voice and it does speak and this was the real image of this. We all were excited about this interview, and it become very successful. We are damn sure this interview will certainly help youngster who want to become a entrepreneur.

In this interview he shared his daily life, like how he start his day, how much time he spent on his work  and as he is a fitness freak how he mange all these with his works or you can say from his busy schedule. This recognition means a great deal not only to him but for every each member of The Unique Culture, especially to those who worked with him because he is the face for all those. It was one of the moments of celebration.  Also he mentions so many common things about which nobody knows. The Radio interview means a great deal to all of us, and we are grateful that he got this public recognition.

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