“The Journey from a Freelancer to Technophile” (The Indian Bytes)

Shuvam Panda- The Techmaniac, who is known for his achievements in the IT sector has been recently featured in the esteemed column of the renowned magazine ” The Indian Bytes”. The article named “Story of the C.T.O, The Unique Culture” highlights the personal and professional journey of Mr. Shuvam Panda who started his career as a Freelancer and now leading the company named “The Unique Culture” with utmost efficiency. Started his company in the year 2013 which still continues to be the finest organization in Bhubaneswar. He is known for his excellent Web Developing skills and Digital Marketing techniques. His professional viewpoint is taking him and the company forward towards immense success. ( The Indian Bytes)

His article has been posted on Indian bytes, click here to see his post on The Indian Bytes

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