Google Ads vs Facebook Ads | Which one and when to use ?

One of the biggest question I get all the year is that, “Hey I’ve created an online business. Should I use Facebook ads or Google ads promote my products and services? Google Ads vs Facebook Ads ?” Before doing online promotion on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, we have to create our online presence by designing a website. Check out the Website design process by Subham Panda.Lets get back to the point.

A lot of people might think that using Facebook Ads is the way to go after all it is cheaper and more affordable compared to Google Ads.The answer to this really depends on your ideal customer and your habits. So think about your ideal customer, what they do online what kind of content do they consume online. Why did the heaviest like online, what time do they go online etc.

For example let’s say you target CEOs and directors as we know that they are very busy people do they actually spend time on Facebook, scrolling through the news feed or do they spend time on Google searching for answers or reading content on Google. Do they use Facebook in the morning from 6 to 8 a.m. before work or do they spend time and night. After work maybe 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. By knowing all of the above points it should give you the answer to it. When to target them and which platform to target them.
Now let’s discuss about Google and the Google search. When you show your ads , whenever someone searches on Google , that’s when you show banner ads and search ads.

Alright so coming back to another example. Now let’s say that our target are people, who read the finance news on Google. All right now when they read that piece of Finance news , what you can do is you can use Google Ads put in display banner as inside the content and that way they’ll be able to see your ads. Now better yet what you can do is , you can use a multi-channel approach.

For example you can use Google Ads to toggle them so you use probably a search app or use a display ad to target them. When you’re reading something online and then they see your ads .They click to the website landing page. You then re-target them using Facebook ads.

After learning Google ads vs Facebook ads.Now let me know which platform are you using. Are you using Google Ads or Facebook Ads or both of them. Email me at – shuvampanda@yahoo.com


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