Difference between Coding and Programming | Important things to know

Sometimes we interchange the words that’s why let’s learn the the exact details and Difference between Coding and Programming. Many Engineers or college graduates will now pop up and say ‘Coders & Programmers are same’ but they are NOT! There is a difference between these two terms, lets know how.

Coding here suggest a work and the work is involved in writing a code. A coder is the person who translates the exact requirements into programming language and writes the lines of codes.

The first computer programs were referred to as “computer codes” because the binary “code” needed to be manually loaded into computer memory. However, this did not help rise to the term “coder”, because manually loading a computer program was regarded as a serious issue, and led to the development of software to assemble human readable instructions into machine “code” via interpretation and compilation.

Programming here is involves in coding and other tasks like problem solving, analytical and critical thinking and understanding algorithms and data structure. As a programmer, you deal with many more tasks. Writing codes is a portion of what makes up the duties of a programmer.

difference between coding and programming

Let’s learn by its words. What does coding and programming mean?


Code: Code is a part of a big program which tells us that these certain lines do or what we call an algorithm. For an example, to calculate factorial is a code snippet which explains its behavior.

Program: Program is a complete code which can be run on system which takes input from user and returns some output. Programs are self-sufficient and can run independently. In order to write programs we must know how to code first.

For the appropriate understanding if we have an example that of a remote control. The buttons of a remote control are programmed such a way that it gives a particular order to the device for each of its button. On the other hand the program that we talked above is written by codes. It’s so simple.

Coding is not hard to learn. It requires some to focus have to do some practice in order to learn. To be a competitive coder, you need to learn how to get software while writing codes. Most training does not cover these things. So now I wonder why students get frustrated and give up.

I hope you got the difference between Coding and Programming. subham panda is a professional programmer who used to write codes to make applications and websites.  If it helped and you want to get the coding skills then please don’t forget to contact at shuvampanda@yahoo.com.

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