Corporate Training at PN College








On the 4th of January,2023, Mr. Shuvam Panda had the honor to deliver corporate training to a bunch of attentive students on the account of the Add-on course training organized by PN College. The college is situated in Khurdha and is one of the most reputed colleges in Odisha. The students learned and observed attentively, and implemented the knowledge immediately as directed. A good teacher is someone who not only teaches the students as a part of his duty but also devotes his time, energy, and emotions to the development of the student’s skills. Mr. Shuvam Panda is a perfect example of this. As a student, while he was gaining all the knowledge by himself, he had faith in himself that one day he would be able to pass on the knowledge to the upcoming generation and help them to excel in their career.

The organizers were extremely grateful for Mr. Shuvam’s efforts in making the add-on course event a huge success. This victorious event is undoubtedly the one to be recalled for a long time. Mr. Shuvam has experience of multiple seminars and webinars that enables him to meet different types of personalities who inspire him in many ways. Despite being a great inspirational personality himself, his positive outlook never lets him shy away from learning new things. He loves to take up new challenges every now and then and succeeds in them. With the hope of experiencing a new touch in his future endeavors, he awaits the exciting days of teaching a new batch ahead.

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