Can we use MongoDB in WordPress? Solution

MongoDB is a database while WordPress is a Content Management System that is used to create websites and blogs and webapplications. Can we use MongoDB in WordPress? lets know here.

What is WordPress?

It is a free and very popular Content Management System that is useful to create websites. Like corporate website, blogs and web applications.

What is MongoDB?

It is a database management system(DBMS).This is one of the very flexible database. Its document model is so simple is that it is very easy for a developer to learn. It stores data in JSON format and this database is end to end encrypted.

Can we use MongoDB in WordPress?

Wordpress is meant to run on MySql database. MongoDB is a non SQL database and in WordPress, database queries on the source code designed for MySQL and MariaDB (WordPress default databases). Many plugins are using that database by default, even if you tweak the main source code and make it compatible, there is a great chance that in future updates it will break.

mongodb in wordpress CMS

Many plugins of WordPress will not work on MongoDB as they are not designed for it. MongoDB provides high performance, high availability, and automatic scaling. It is extremely simple to install and implement. MongoDB uses JSON or BSON documents to store data. If you are willing to go complex REST-API based application option, then its surely possible. And just in one glance it seems far better option then saving JSON file on I/O Storage. Mongo DB could be much better option. But surely it is difficult to manage the WordPress on mongoDB on future run. If there will be a update available for WordPress and you opt for updating it then the whole application and its plugins will break. The whole effort will go into a loss matter.

However if you still want to go with MongoDB then I will higher recommend to use custom code.
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