Awarded as the Longest Digital Marketing Seminar in Odisha hosted by Shuvam Panda

Why this seminar!


This year, the most successful and one of the longest seminar was presented by Techctice, Techctice is an IT training provider institute. Techctice provides internships and professional training to the every individual throughout the world. It is adding skills and potential to the individual’s life and helping them to build a better career. On the 16th of June 2021, Techctice organized one Maha Seminar on Digital Marketing. As we all know Digital Marketing is the most demandable now a days, because day by day the requirement of the online Marketing going higher. For this reason every company are now focusing to grow in online, by considering this Techctice is represent Itself to help many student to give brief and intense knowledge in digital marketing. To make this happens many big companies like The Unique Culture, Bhubaneswar Office, Odisha Tourism sponsored for this seminar.
As it was a very important seminar Techctice gave this opportunity to Host one of the most talented and experience trainer of digital marketing, Mr. Shuvam Panda. He helps many companies to grow and become a brand in online. He has more than the 12+ years of experience as a digital marketer. He provides many training like Salesforce, PHP, Java, Python, Web Development and many more. So Techctice gave this opportunity to him.


How He Run This Seminar:


At first, he gave brief ideas, what he is going delivered in that seminar. And thanking all the individuals starting from the student and the business owner who were present. After all of this, he dive into the topics of digital marketing.
This seminar is the one of the longest digital marketing seminar in history. Throughout the seminar, the host was giving his best to deliver and tried to engage with all the participants. In that session he takes his participants to the depth of the digital marketing and provides the best knowledge in the topics of:

  • Secret Blueprint Of Digital marketing.
  • Storylines.
  • 40+ Tools For Content Marketing.
  • Branding
  • Content calendar Preparation
  • Baba Sarthi’s Case Study
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Interaction With Guest
  • Earning Opportunity For Students
  • Gorilla Marketing
  • Marketing From Ramayana
  • Sunder Pichai Case Study
  • Business Scaling Method
  • Nokia Case Study
  • Mukesh & Isha Ambani Case Study
  • Bill Gate Study
  • OYO Case Study
  • Jio Marketing Strategy
  • Business Without Investments

    This was the vast hidden module for the seminar, but he covered every bit of point to justify/valid this seminar for everyone who spend their valuable time for this seminar. In between the topics our respected chief guest also shared some valuable information as per their experience and knowledge in their field. In this guest introduction many big individuals were connected with us like Head Of Odisha Of FIFO Mr. Kamal Kant Sahoo, SEO Of  Batoi  Systems Mr. Ashwin Rath, CEO Of World Aviation System Capt. Sandeep Mishra, Guest From Startup Odisha Mr.DP Nayak, MD of K One Ventures LPP Mr. Krishna Pal Singh , Swosti Institute Of Management And Social Studies principal, Achyuta` Fire Safety Company Founder, Bhubaneswar Office Manager, The UniQue Culture CEO, and many more.

    Most Interesting Part Of the Seminar:


    Every online summit or seminar has its own interesting part, everyone just waiting for this to see or listen.In this seminar that is marketing from Ramayana, Our host Mr. Shuvam Panda picked that topic to visualize every one that marketing strategy was started from satya yug. He observe very careful and decide to share this on the seminar from this many students are really helpful because of this, giving thanks to Mr. Panda, Who shared such mesmerizing strategy to us.

    The Success Of The Seminar:


    We want to congratulate all of you to making this seminar successful, and for staying and encouraging us to make this happen for long 5 Hour seminar, and create a history for this.
    And Special Thanks To Mr. Shuvam Panda, who sincerely giving his effort to make this happen and single handle carried the seminar. Thank You Mr. Shuvam Panda.


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