Award Nomination for “ADARSHA UDYOGI SANMAAN”

Shuvam Panda- The Pride of The UniQue Culture has been nominated for the “ADARSHA UDYOGI SANMAAN- 2022” by Pratidin News Network. It is the state of Odisha’s most prestigious award. Brands of the City and Pride of Odisha was graced by many Eminent Government officials, Bollywood, Tollywood and Ollywood celebrities. The event was covered live by all the leading Print & TV Medias of Odisha.

The amount of efforts that Mr. Panda puts into his daily regimen has unquestionably paid off. The fact that he was nominated for this award has encouraged him to strive harder every day and pursue achievement. His thoughtful actions and the results of it speak for him. He adheres to a strict work ethic and is entirely focused on achieving his goals. Despite how significant and prestigious this award is, Mr. Shuvam believes that there are still many more milestones for him to accomplish.

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